Monday, November 10, 2008

The Master

I found this black and white photo in my old album. I believed this was taken at least 40 years ago in Singapore. It was a gathering with Master Nakayama of Shotokan. He was positioned on the fifth position at the back row. I was on the extreme right on the back row. Beside Master Nakayama was Ishikawa, the then Chief Instructor of Shitoryu. Followed by Shihan Wong Tuang Seng, the present Chief Instructor of Shitoryu Karate Association. At the front row, second from the right was Buey Oh Lam, one of the top kumite fighters at that time in Singapore. The other top fighter Loh Kok Wing, I believed was standing behind Master Nakayama on his right. (May be my memory is not accurate!)

In those years, Singapore Karatekas really made other nation's athletes raised their eye brows. Those were the years that would not be repeated easily nowaday. We did not have proper training program, I mean scientifically. But all we had was our passion and the will to make Singapore Flag flying high.

This is one of the books published by M. Nakayama.

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