Friday, July 10, 2009

New Union is formed

A New Karatedo Union is formed!

Dear Members and Friends,
Please share with our joy and happiness that today we have received good news from the Registrar of Societies of Singapore, our application on Karatedo Union of Singapore is approved. With other several Clubs and Organization in promoting Karatedo in Singapore, this Union would assist us to achieve a better height.

We strongly encourage our members to train harder and look forward to a better karatedo scene in Singapore in the near future!

We are going to work together with all groups who are sincerely promoting the sport and wellness to Singaporeans!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

SKA Invitational 2009

During the SKA 45th Anniversary Dinner, with Soke Kenei Mabuni (The Grandmaster of Shitoryu Karatedo) and Shihan Wong Tuang Seng (The Chief Instructor of Shitoryu Karate Association)

Group photograph with Shihan K. Kawata and Management Members of KSK.

Gold for Esther Tan Again

Shitoryu Karate Association organized the Invitational Shitoryu Karatedo Youth Championships in conjunction with its 45th Anniversary, on 4th July 2009 at Jurong East Sports Hall. The Championships attracked over 200 participants from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and UAE. They also invited several local clubs to participate. They are Ken Shin Kai, Seiwa Kai, Karatedo Goju-ryu Singapore, Hayashi-ha Shitoryu, Shotokan Singapore, Zen Shin Ren.

Ken Shin Kai sent in Esther Tan to participate in the Lady 17-21 age group kumite event. She emerged as the Champion in her own catergory. We congratulate her for the outstanding performance.
Esther at the line up with Hayashi participants

The President of SKA, Dr. Anil giving opening speech. On stage are (From the left: Shihan Wong Tuang Seng, Shihan George Tan, Mr. Clement Chen, Soke Kenei Mabuni, Shihan K. Kawata, Shihan Sakamoto Kiyoshi and Shihan Iwan.
Shihan K. Kawata walked pass and talk to Esther (Block by Hayashi member), Soke Kenei Mabuni just walked pass her.

After prize giving, Esther with her gold medal and participation certificate.

Esther with Chief Referee Kon Casis and Mrs.

Shihan Chia with Chief Referee Kon Casis, Shihan Francis Hong, Shihan Sanny Yap and his Mrs.
This is the real time recording of Esther's final match.