Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black belt cert presentation 2009

Blackbelt Certificate Presentation

KSK has conducted its Black Belt grading in the month of March 2009. Justin Wu has been promoted to Junior Black Belt 1st Dan. Esther Tan, Edward Hsiao and Cindy Hsiao have obtained their Black Belt Shodan respectively. Congratulations to all the successful members!

KSK is looking forward to these Blackbelters for their further quest on Karate-do in the future.

Justin Wu with his Junior Black Belt Cert

Cindy Hsiao receiving her Shodan

Edward Hsiao receiving his Shodan certificate

Esther Tan receiving her Shodan Certificate

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shinsei Kata

We believed Shinsei Kata was created by Kenwa Mabuni. This kata is not practiced at all the Shito style of karate group. Only certain groups that has the opportunity to learn it would be able to perform it and explain it with depth.

The following table are all the Shitoryu katas with indication of their source:


Itosu Ke

Higaonna Ke

Mabuni Ke

Pinan Shodan Sanchin Shinsei
Pinan Nidan Tensho Juroku
Pinan Sandan Saiha Happo Sho
PinanYondan Seienchin Kenshu
Pinan Godan Seipai Kensho
Jitte Seisan Kenpaku
Jiin Shisochin Aoyagi
Jion Sanseiru Myojo
Matsukaze Kururunha Shinpa
Rohai Suparinpai Shiho Kosokun
Bassai Dai Niseishi
Bassai Sho Sochin
Matsumura Bassai Unshu
Kosokun Dai Nipaipo
Kosokun Sho
Naihanchi Shodan
Naihanchi Nidan
Naihanchi Sandan
Rohai Shodan
Rohai Nidan
Rohai Sandan
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Basic stretches for legs


These are few simple stretches for people with weak lower back and hamstring in exercises. Each stretch should hold for 8 to 20 secs, according to the person's physical ability. Stretching would improve one's flexibility and indirectly assists in daily functional movement. It would improve reaction and reflectional action if necessary.

You could get detailed instruction from any certified gym trainer if you need correct practice procedure. Please note that the photographs here are only for rough ideas of these stretches, they do not reflect the actual exercise protocol.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

ISKU Kaicho Visit

The Secretary General and Kaicho of International Seishinkai Karate-do Union visited Singapore on 2nd April 2009, and met up with Shihan Chia and his committee members. They have frank exchanges in karate knowledge and opinions.

KSK has learned a lot from Kaicho . Kaicho is knowledgeable, approachable and committed to karatedo movement. KSK will work closely with ISKU to promote the karate sport in the future.

Seipai Roland Teo and Mark Abisheganadan with Kaicho.

KSK Committee Members with Kaicho at the Dinner.

Seipai Mark Abisheganadan with Kaicho

Presentation of Memento to Kaicho.