Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest, in simple term is heart attack. These days, many athletes or youths suffered cardiac arrest during daily activities or during sporting events. People always feel unbelievable how could a healthy man suddenly dropped dead. Many do not understand that someone muscular does not mean he or she is healthy. Strengthening muscle systems and strengthening heart condition are entirely two different issues. With proper guidance and supervision, progressive aerobic training could improve one's heart condition.

Consuming junk food, alcohol and other toxic substances would impair the ability of the heart function. Stay regular exercise schedule would be a good way to keep your heart strong and healthy.

What if someone from your love ones suddenly gets a cardiac arrest? If immediate help is not given fast, he or she may lost their live while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The follow clip from YouTube may give you some ideas to handle it when the circumstance arises. If you are really interested in CPR and the use of AED, you may sign up the First Aid Course organized by some local agency such as St. John Ambulance Service, Red Cross Society or other established First Aid agencies.

Learn the CPR and AED skill, one day, YOU may need IT!

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