Monday, July 14, 2008

The Survey Analysis

The Survey

Recently we made a survey by using questionnaires. Members present in the session responded actively in this survey. The results and analysis of this survey is listed below:
There are some Areas of Concern that we need to look into them.

First, the frequency of training. There are 40% of members indicated that they wish to have twice a week of training. We understand their concerns as their objectives in join the session are to improve their physical conditions as well as to learn and practice a martial art.

On the other hand, they also indicated that they would like to keep the $20 per month charges as it is. Our concern here is: Looking at the present inflation rate, is $20 per month charges enough to cover the coaches transports as well as the time and knowledge that they put into the session? In fact, our charge has not been change since 1996 until now. Therefore, we need everybody to give a thought in this issue.

In fact, we are in the process looking into resolving this problem. We will keep members inform in due course. (We are only referring Tanglin Trainees here!)

On another more happy note, we also noticed that members has rated the coach and the quality of training that they have obtained on the high scale. We appreciate the feedback from all members and promise to deliver better service in the future.


roland teo said...

$20 is very reasonable, here's a comparison of charges:
Aikido, Shinjukai Dojo - $45 a month, one class a week
Shitoryu Karate Association - S$40 a month, up to 3 times a week
Wing Chun Kung Fu - S$100 a month, up to 4 times a week

I think it is not unreasonable to increase the charges, but we should increase the number of classes per week.

Also we should look at out number of trainees, we need to have a minimum economy of scale to make it worthwhile for the sensei to reimburse him for his time and other outgoings.

Anonymous said...

Ken Yu Kai Shitoryu Karate: S$ 50 a month for twice weekly training