Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do I stop training when I get my Black Belt qualification?

After almost 45 years, I still remember the morning that I first worn my blackbelt for training, my instructor gave me this statement: You are a blackbelter now, but do remember, this is only the first step you really stepped into the door of Karatedo. There are nine more stages in karate-do, you need to go and achieve them accordingly. From now onwards, you need to seek your knowledge and understanding of the art.

Since then, I became my own coach, my own instructor. I do contact with the seniors and acquire knowledge from them; but the majority of knowledge and techniques were done through research and practices. Finally, this art became parts of my life. It becomes an heritage to me.

These days, when I see some blackbelters once they gotten the qualification, they became complacent, hang their belts and stopped training. These people only show the shallow understanding of this martial art. In fact, knowledge is alway in the form of evolving and developing, once you stopped at a point of time, and refuse to pursue, you would be left behind with all the outdated information. Embracing old and backdated knowledge may not do you any good. Such as the development of Sports Science, it has changed the way of exercising. It has also brought to light that some of the traditional training methods were indeed, causing harm to our body parts.

This leads to another fundamental question: Are we going to do sport and damage our body? As coaches or seniors in the session, we need to think hard on this question.

Should we stop training when we get our blackbelt qualification? Think again, friends.

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