Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to be a better Kumite fighter

How to be a better Kumite fighter

How to become a good Kumite participant

Script by Hanshi Chia Kwek Fah

There are several areas we need to address it, before we could achieved what we are aiming for.
These are: 1. The Basic knowledge and execution of movement in karate-do.
                  2. The fitness condition of the participant
                  3. The understanding of the Rules and regulations of Kumite.
                  4. The actual exposure of fighting.

1. The Basic Knowledge of Kumite movement
    One should be able to perform the basic kumite stance, and able to manupulate his body as he wishes to any direction. This would prevent you from getting out of the match area often, and resulted to Hansuku condition.
     All punches and kicks must accompanied with the five elements of scoring during the match.
     One must able to execute Jodan Geri, which will score 3 points in the match; as well as Ashi Barai (The sweep). These techniques will make you score more.

2. The Fitness Condition of the Participant
    Knowing all the techniques but unable to deliver it effectively will be useless. To be agile, flexible, fast reacting and strong, one must go for strength conditioning program. Aimless gym training or fitness training have not impact on performance. Only sports specific prescrible program would enhance the performance tremendiously.

3. Participant should try go attend Kumite Judging Workshop, so that he would understand from first hand knowledge, how a punch or kick would score in a match. If not, than the technical coach should clearly illustrate the key points of the Rules and Regulations of a Kumite Match.

4. The Autual Exposure of Fighting
    Participant must try to ennage himself to all opportunities that would provide him chance to do kumite, whether it is a practice session or official match. Through these matches, participant will be able to build his confidence during matches.


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