Monday, February 9, 2009

Heian Shodan


Heian Shodan is the first in the series of five Heian katas. Like the other Heian kata, it is a product of Ankoh Itosu's effort to streamline several kata, into forms suitable for teaching the gross body movement skills of karate to school age kids. The most obvious sources for much of the Heian kata content are Kanku-dai, Gojushiho and a few others. The movements have, of course, been rearranged and reinterpretated, so linking all five Heian kata together will not result in some complete form of the older katas.

The Heian kata were introduced into the school systems on Okinawa in the early 1900's, and were subsequently adopted by many teachers and schools. Thus, they are present today in the curriculum of the Shorin/Shorei styles, Shotokan, Matsubayashi ryu, and several others.

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This kata is also included in KSK's teaching syllabus. The follow movie clip is performed by one of our members, Ms Esther Tan.

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