Monday, February 18, 2008

Successful Candidates of the 20 Jan 2008 Grading

Black Belt Certificate Presentation

Both Jason Chua and Micky Tey have successfully achieved their Black Belt 2nd Dan Certification on 16th February 2008. Both of them have been practicing with KSK more than ten years.

These are part of the successful candidates who have achieved their higher kyu certificates. Presenting these certificates are our two long service assistant coaches, Sensei Kam Leong and Sensei Micky.


KSK_ex_student said...

i see some familiar faces in the group photo. i remember Looi, Mr. Ng, Esther...

Is Mark Abisheganaden still in the club?

~~ex KSK student, tanglin dojo 2000 - 2005

ksk eventhall said...

Yes. Mr Mark Abisheganadan is very active in the Club.